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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rally 'round the???

     There has been a lot of talk surrounding the Trinidad and Guyana "agricultural lands deal" and I listened to both sides of the debate and only then I understood why the Federation had failed. I tried to keep my lips sealed and my opinion to myself, and I have been successful up until now...
    We are a selfish people. Who hides under the facade of nationalistic pride and pretends that we are all about putting country first. While I have no issue with that of patriotism, I strongly believe that in addressing the issue of food security, the pride we should have is that in the ability to feed ourselves as a region. It has been discussed too many times that one country, one island, cannot do it alone. The need for combined efforts and resources is necessary for reducing hunger in our country and across the Caribbean. We must consciously decide on which premise we operate. We cannot win this by ourselves. If we intend to win a battle on local soil and lose the war ultimately,  we are wasting time. The concept of "Indirect food security" should be pushed. Guyana, because of its acreage is able to produce a commodity in greater quantities. For instance, Guyana could cultivate rice, whilst Trinidad does animal production. This would mean that we would be better able to lock regional markets and reduce foreign imports while feeding home.
    Tell me which picture you are looking at? The mere fact that our region and our economies are so vulnerable to disaster should cause us to forge ahead with a regional integration like we have never seen. If we have not yet started seeing ourselves through global eyes, we are blind.
   So as I calm myself, and allow my blood pressure to regain normalcy, I sip meditatively on a cup of tea made from Soursop leaves.


  1. I was one to comment, TWICE, on this issue. In some respect, my views changed after I met with some people who are lightyears wiser than and more experienced than me in this area. One thing stood out. The delivery. It was the way in which both parties went about the deal that caused concern. Initially, I didn't think of it this way, in terms of regional food security, and I don't think either Government care(d) much about that and I still believe that we need to get our houses in order before committing to such a deal BUT if this is properly executed, with transparency and such, it could be a good thing for the region, as a whole.

    1. I must admit that the manner in which things were done were less than desirable, however it is important than we do not kill the messenger and not hear the message for both what it's worth and what an be achieved. I think we both want the same things for the sector and the region.
      Comment appreciated. :)