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Sunday, 20 October 2013

the Struggle is Real

   Why are we not moved to tears when we think of poverty? Why are we not actively doing something to fight hunger? I am saddened.

    Coming out of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture, we all sat, and spoke of the issues that are plaguing the sector and possible solutions.We dressed nicely; three piece suits, huge grins, full stomachs as we came to talk 'agriculture'. We left the Conference Centre feeling good about ourselves and whatever contributions we made. As I reflected on the discussions had I asked myself of all these participants; Is this just a career? A job? Gainful employment? For the ordinary man in the street is still going without food to eat while we  retire to our lavish four+ star hotels, with mini bars and fresh fruit. And I pondered on the question whether or not we truly care. I met a frail, young man of fifteen years hustling a meal. Not money, but a meal. One that he can share with his grandmother and little brother and this made my heart sink.
   On Thursday 17th October, we at the University of the West Indies held a Candle Light Vigil  to "unite against hunger, malnutrition and poverty". I attended. I attended because somewhere in my world, in my hemisphere, my region, my country, there is someone who is counting on me to find a solution to bring them out of their misery. Sadly though, in a university of more than 15,000 students not even 100 persons attended the function. In an institution that caters to and equips the youth of today to change the world we live, many still do not recognize the need to care.
   Someone somewhere is hungry. Someone somewhere is malnourished. Someone right here, wants us to put to action all the fancy ideas that we have and bring about a change.
 As we sound the call, we draw the Trumpet Bush.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Octobers' Love

Dear you,
           I know that I have been away for sometime and well the stresses of the past week have been so much. I really wanted to chat with you, have a one on one, because since I have started my blog I didn't say 'thanks.' Thank you for taking the time to read Bush Tea. For posting comments, I really do appreciate them all. So as a small token of my appreciation, I decided to personally write you this letter. You have made my day, my month and have given me 'nuff' to brag about.
          I am confident that we are going to have some really fun times ahead and I am looking forward to that. I have a couple of things I would like to get done and as soon as I do you will be the first to know. So as I start packing my bags to head over to Guyana for Caribbean Week of Agriculture I am going to keep you updated. I am looking forward to a wonderful experience as we share together.
         Be safe, stay good, eat healthy and above all things be happy trusting that, the future will be better than the present. Before I go, I ask that you keep this 'Agrifootsoldier' in your prayers, he may be a little down but my daddy is by no means out.