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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

We Ready !!

It's been so long and I miss you.  Busy has been the word of the day, and from my Dad's surgeries to exams and projects, the BushTea seemed so far away  but in the words of the great Slim Shady, " Guess who's back?"

   So I just returned from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and some things came clear to me. Firstly, I need to resume blogging. I have been absent and truth be told, I have missed this space where I can speak freely and openly about the things that I am passionate about. The second revelation that I had was that there are quite a few young persons within the sector whose hearts are in the right place. In a conversation I had with my colleagues from Guyana and Grenada, being actively involved in agriculture and the work of the CaFAN, I have a greater appreciation for the sector and as I said to them " I doh feel shame no more when I hustlin." So as I shared my experience with them, as I probably will share with you soon, a lot of who I am today came from a place that I myself didn't know existed within me.

   In the words of Bunji Garlin, I ask: "We Ready? We Ready? For the Sun now raising up and the farmers, well they have already woken up, the agricultural sector full up ah vybz and nothing cyar break it up. The youths dem ah wuk non stop, the entire Caribbean done lock, we aiming for food security and sustainability. "

    Join with me again, as we sip on Christmas Bush tea.