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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Crop is Over!

   I boarded the airline in Barbados, destination homeward bound. I was happy to go home. Excited. Agriculture never felt this good to me.

   I sat on my farm plot this morning as I watched my field of melon being irrigated and I asked myself: How can I do more in achieving food security? How am I going to be apart of the movement that works towards "Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition"- theme of World Food Day 2013. As the ideas flowed in, the need for cooperation cannot be emphasized enough. We need to build and maintain networks if we are to affect a change regionally.

   The training received in ICTS in Agriculture has allowed me to see all that can be achieved in this very dynamic sector. We need cooperation and human effort to bring about this change. To be as beacons and light the way for self and others to follow.

   As the curtains come down in Barbados, we prepare a stage for a bigger, better performance. One where young people take leading roles in this sector. The Crop may be Over in Barbados but the work has begun across the Caribbean.
   So as we ready ourselves to take up the mantle let us reflect with a cup of  Vervine Tea!!

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  1. Lovely photo! I am still waiting on the one you promised