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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Barbados Feels Good

Barbados feels good. So I inna dat.

When ever I get the chance to see my region I jump at it. When that same opportunity avails me to meet and network with farmers across the region its a Double Whammy!! Training in ICTS is necessary within the sector should we endeavour to develop the industry. The UWI, Cave Hill offered their resources to twenty-five young agriculturists to use the tools of Web2.0 such as blogging to allow for easy dissemination of information, call others to action, raise awareness, participate in online conversations and build networks.

As this five day training progresses, we share ideas and experiences about who we are, our intended life paths and our way forward as agriculturists. So mek we doh share it over a cup ah Lemon Grass Tea!


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  1. the thing start
    empowered young people, wat ah ting!